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by: Sandra Seeley

Let's take a walk down Memory Lane with a slanted path. Come join me in the present with a quirky look at the world around us. Dare to go boldly into the future where no woman has been quite this "Enterprising".

I've worked for Black Box Corporation where I was down-sized (the company became too small for me), Verizon Wireless where I was wrong-sized (bad fit), and currently teaching in the Pittsburgh Public School District where I am now being right-sized (Yea!).

In a previous lifetime ago, I've also taught on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. Lot's of strange menehune happenings. More on them later. In addition, I spent 12 years teaching in a very funny suburban school district.

Humor can be found anywhere. A word of warning. Caution! You may recognize yourself in my domain. And you may appear funnier than you actually are.

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